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Published on 25-06-2018

We have put one cheat link in the PTC ads section. If you click that ad, your account will be suspended.
You can find it below Nano ads section.
The reason behind this, there are so many users uses autoclicker software to click ads. But InnovativePTC doesn't gives chance to those cheating members from now onwards.
If you click the cheat link by mistakenly, please send us a support ticket immediately with some proof. You can send any proof that you are not using autoclicker. But we cannot unsuspend your account second time.Only one chance for one member.


Offers4all added!
Published on 23-06-2018

Hi there,

Offers4all offerwall has been sucessfully added to the site.

Visit here:



Bitcoin added!
Published on 22-06-2018

Hello dear members,

I am very excited to announce you that Blockchain has approved our website and issued API key.

So, now all users can deposit via Bitcoin. NO MANUAL APPROVING! All transactions will be auto approved after getting 2 confirmations for the transaction. After confirmation, the deposited amount will be available in your purchase balance.

If any error occurs, feel free to contact us.

Thank you.

1st Deposit promotion
Published on 20-06-2018

Hello dear members,
To kick start our PTC site, we are starting our 1st deposit promotion.

Promotion Status: Active

$1-$9 5% Bonus to PB!
$10-$49 10% Bonus to PB!
$50-$99 15% Bonus to PB!
$100-$299 20% Bonus to PB!
$300-$599 25% Bonus to PB!
+$600 25% Bonus to PB!

After your deposit please send us a support ticket.
The Bonus will be added within 12hr.
The promo ends on 31/06/2018

What are you waiting for then??? Start investing and start getting bonus for it....

Thank you.

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